In January 2017, I was diagnosed with disk herniation and told that I would need surgery if physiotherapy ever seemed to be ineffective.

It all started with back pain, however, as weeks snowballed into months, the unbearable conditions not only persisted, but worsened. The pain became hellish. Stopped going anywhere apart from work and the different physiotherapy clinics

Ended up spending every penny I had on drugs and physiotherapy with no progress.

By June 2017, I saw a neurosurgeon who told me physiotherapy was not working because my back issues had progressed past that and would need to do a surgery (Discectomy). I had high hopes that my first surgery would put an end to all my pain and worries. However, I was wrong. In fact, I was very wrong.

In Decemeber 2017, I was flown to India for what would be my 4th and final spine surgery where I was diagonized with spondylodiscitics (this was what it had become) and needed implants after 5 months of been bedridden with agonizing pain.

I remember making the conscious decision plus a LOT of prayers that it would be my final surgery and I would heal perfectly. My doctors believed because of the amount of surgeries I had done, I would never fully recover…

With the Grace of God, I was able to get back on my feet but quite a bit of damage had been done already. These days I manage the pain with physiotheraphy and tons of mental exercises (I try to avoid drugs because I took a lot of strong drugs for a whole year already). 

I think if I had someone who had gone through this process and advised me on the best options to take and how to avoid having a single surgery, I would have done things differently.

I started PainBin because I wanted to build a community and a forum for support. A place online where people can personally relate to the articles and feel completely at home. My goal is help everyone experiencing pain understand how to deal with it with non-invasive methods. 

I understand that surgery is usually the first option that occurs to people but after a surgery, there is no going back...

So I want to ensure that surgery is the very last option.

While I have not gotten around to posting and sharing all my experience as it was A LOT, best believe I would definitely get around to that in time 😊